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Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

Do you have a piece of furniture that needs an update? MECO7 has you covered with our complete line of the one and only Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and other Annie Sloan products. Paint almost anything without sanding or priming, plus achieve beautiful & lasting results for everything from outdoor chairs to kitchen cabinets and everything in between. We've even painted our own store awning with it, so you never have to worry about it's durability; it truly is the best paint in the world! 

Even if you have never painted anything before in your life, this paint is for you! It's easy to use, water-based so it's easy to clean up and you really can't make a mistake. Plus, we're here to help you through the entire process of color selection to mid-project questions. We have years of experience that you can lean on and if we don't have an answer, we'll get you one, all the way up to Annie herself. So what are you waiting for? Come in to see how easy it is to transform your furniture!


Tips & Tricks

How to Open litres:


shiny finishes:

Sand with 80 grit sandpaper lightly to break the tension. Clean off any dust and proceed.


Flaking & Chipping Paint:

Sand with 80 grit sandpaper to fully remove all of the debris, changing out your sandpaper often. Fully clean the surface to remove any additional dirt and dust before painting.


Oily Surfaces:

Start by wiping down with no-odor mineral spirits, followed by a clean rinse with water - while avoiding saturation of the surface. Lightly sand with 80-220 grit sandpaper and proceed. This should be done on any newly manufactured pieces, or surfaces cleaned with an oil based cleaner (like Pledge), linseed oil, etc.

Should you notice an area where the paint seems to bead up like rain on a window, oil is present and repelling the paint. Repeat the above steps as necessary.


Stained, Discolored & Smelly Surfaces:

Ensure the surface is clean of any debris or dirt and apply 1-2 coats of shellac (we recommend Zinsser Bulls Eye) to seal in stains, discoloration and smells.

Use this process for antique pieces with non-colorfast stains (pinks or yellows that bleed through light colored paint colors), rust, mold, permanent marker, moth ball smells, etc.


New Wood or Oak:

To prevent the wood tannins and knots from discoloring your piece over time, start with a clean surface and seal with 1-2 coats of (Zinsser Bulls Eye) shellac and paint as usual.

The majority of oak pieces (including cabinetry) require this step regardless of any stain or finish on the piece because it is not a sealant. Failing to shellac prior to painting may lead to discoloration due to wood grains and knots bleeding through.


To Wax or Not Wax:

We recommend waxing pieces used indoors. Wax provides a protective finish which is easy to apply and maintain. Brush on, wipe off and buff as desired.

Overtime you may need to reapply the wax when your surface gets dull or dirty looking. Heavily used surfaces may need reapplication a few times a year, others may never need more than the initial coat. You will know by looking at it and you can always do a test spot when in doubt.

Patio furniture and outdoor pieces do not require any wax or sealant.

Wonder if Chalk Paint® will really hold up outdoors without wax? Take a look at our black awning the next time you happen to be in. We painted it with Graphite in 2017 as it used to be red. (You wouldn’t know unless you look underneath it!)


Caring for your chalk paint finish:

Your painted piece will take 5-21 days to fully cure. This does not mean it cannot be used but rather you should take additional care when handling it. Using place-mats and coasters is always a good practice.

To clean, wipe with a soft damp cloth with mild soap and water.

Depending on use, a light application of wax may be used to refresh every now and again.  (Only as needed. We wax our checkout counter that gets heavy use about once a year.)



Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint® is available in 42 timeless colors with calming blues, invigorating yellows, classic neutrals and so much more. Plus, each color is designed to be mixed, giving you endless possibilities for custom shades and tones to match any pallet. Try a little or a lot with 4 oz sample pots and quarts/liters available & fully stocked for each color. 



Chalk Paint® Workshops

Want to learn even more? We also offer exceptional Chalk Paint® workshops for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced painter, which are a great way to dive in and learn more about the versatility of Chalk Paint®. Visit our workshops page for details & to sign up for one of our upcoming classes.

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