Coffeebark + Ice Cream :: Yes, Please!

Are you a coffee lover? I'm sorry if you're not, because we think you may be missing out. Especially with Coffeebark. 

As if you ever thought coffee couldn't get any better, you've got to try our Coffeebark, made right here in Minnesota. It's a decadent blend of coffee, toffee and chocolate - everything wonderful right! How could you go wrong?

It's sweet, crunchy, coffee, chocolaty goodness. (Did I mention we offer free samples in the store?)

So as we were sampling it one day, Hayley had the bright idea that we could make it even making it an ice cream topper! 

Ice cream. Coffeebark. SOLD! You don't need to convince me of anything more! 

So to share the fun, we asked Amy Winter, our fabulous conspirator across the hall, generously conceded to photograph the process. So here we are...indulging in our creation. 

photos by Amy Winter Photography

Don't worry, we did share with Amy too, so she was able to enjoy all of this goodness with us. 

And since it's mid-week and almost the end of summer, we thought you could use a pick-me-up as well. So today through September 3rd, stop in for 20% off Coffeebark. 

Get a bag for yourself, one for a friend and one for an ice cream topper. (Whether you share it or not is our little secret.) 

Have another great idea as to how to enjoy Coffeebark? Let us know in the comments below!

Or share with us pictures from your Coffebark + Ice Cream experience  and enjoy! 

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