Decorative Pumpkins

Nothing says fall like pumpkins. Develop that feeling of autumn coziness and color throughout your home with decorated pumpkins - no carving required.

Create a Pattern – Use painter’s tape or a stencil to create a pattern on your pumpkin. Experiment with a chevron pattern or mix and match designs to create your own tribal design. Switch it up and paint only the bottom half of your pumpkin with the pattern for an unexpected look.

Add Glitz – Make your pumpkins sparkle by sprinkling glitter over wet paint or glue. You can also use a metallic paint for even more shine. Mix matte paint and metallics for a completely custom feel.

Make a Monogram – Print out a letter from your computer, cut it out and place it on your pumpkin. Trace the outline of the letter with a pencil and remove the letter. Paint inside the lines to create your monogram and you’ve got a simple, yet sophisticated pumpkin made to be showcased.

Get Colorful – Glue crayons (or crayon pieces) to the top of your pumpkin. Once secured, use a hair dryer on high heat to melt the crayons and let the wax run down the sides, creating a colorful pumpkin that is sure to get noticed.

Embellish It - Enhance the look of your pumpkins with additional elements. Think washi tape, crystals, beads, even flat thumb tacks…the sky is the limit!

Mix It Up – Don’t be afraid to experiment with variety. Mix and match different styles, colors and sizes for a truly unique look. You can also add in mini or white pumpkins, gourds, leaves and acorns to your decorating scheme to add even more interest and variation.

Use your decorative pumpkins throughout different rooms in your home. Incorporate them as part of a centerpiece on your dining room table or adorn your mantel, bookshelves and even end tables for a fun look. Of course you will also want to use a few for your front step too. Decorative pumpkins are also a great way to get the kids involved too, so have fun and share with us your decorated pumpkins with us. 

Find even more inspiration for your pumpkins with our pinterest board HERE.

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