On Trend: Pink Chalk Paint® Dressers with Gold Accents

For us here at MECO7, it’s all about the details. You could even go so far as to say that we are secretly obsessed with stenciling. When painting in the studio, the motto has often been said, “When in doubt, stencil it out.”

We also keeps a close eye on the latest trends, even in fashion, to gain inspiration for our work. And if you have been tuned in as well, it is hard to miss the gold accents that are showing up everywhere.

So when a customer recently came to MECO7 with the request to paint a pair of dressers for her daughter’s room with a subtle French, yet eclectic feel, it was only natural that we would add in a little stenciling detail and a touch of gold shimmer. (How cool is it that those beauties that we framed matched so perfectly too!)

Photos by Amy Winter Photography

The outsides of the dressers were painted in a mix of Antoinette, Pure White, Burgundy and Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, creating a bright, show-stopping pink. The insides of the drawers also incorporated a pink, with the subtle and sophisticated tone of Antoinette Chalk Paint®. The bright pink mix was used again with a Fleur de Lace furniture stencil from Royal Design Studio on the sides of the drawers.

Photos by Amy Winter Photography

For the first dresser, we wanted a “dipped look” and created it by taping off the bottom section of the dresser and painting it with Bright Gold Royal Stencil Crème (also available from Royal Design Studio).

Photos by Amy Winter Photography

For the second dresser, we used the same stencil on the top of the piece with the Bright Gold Royal Stencil Crème, tying the pieces together as a set while still giving them their own unique feel. Each piece was then finished with a coat of Annie Sloan Soft Clear Wax.

Photos by Amy Winter Photography

Want to find out more about stenciling or try out the Royal Stencil Creme for yourself? Visit us in the store for details on how to create a showstopping look all on your own! Don't have the time or want us to take care of your custom painting project for you? We do that too! Just drop us a line, send us an email or stop in :)




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