The Canal Street Experience

When I was in college, I studied for a semester at NYU in Manhattan. I lived in a dorm down by Canal Street in Chinatown and I would walk by multiple street vendors everyday on my way to the subway. Now if you have ever been there, you know exactly what it's like; sales people hustling you in every direction, "Coach, Coach, Gucci, Prada..." as they try to sell you their knock-off versions of purses, bootleg DVDs, fake IDs, you name it. Many people come to Canal Street just for this: they want a designer bag without the price tag.

If you show any interest in one of their knock-offs, the salespeople will quickly push you in to their booth and show you an array of look-a-like options. However, if you are looking for "the best of the best" in knock-offs, you usually have to inquire enough until they shuffle you to a dark alley and lunge you into a van with a strange man. And for most people, these impostor options suffice. But if you have ever owned a true high-end purse or other item, you know that the quality of the material, down to the tiniest of detail in the hand-stitching, is combined to be the best and there is no poser that can ever come close to providing the same level of quality product.

Well, there's something about the Canal Street experience that reminds me of the experience with Chalk Paint®. Heck, we've even tried making our own "knock-off" recipes from Pinterest before becoming a stockist!  BUT- I'm going to tell you, once you've used the original Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, you won't ever use anything else. 

On more than one occasion I have had women come in to the store (almost in tears) from trying some knock-off named "Chalk Paint". Usually it comes from a big-box store or it's a concoction mixed up in someone's basement.  Needless to say, it hasn't worked for them. They have spent tons of time pouring over a piece, not to mention wasted money using what was supposed to be a great product that promised the same results for less. Bottom line, it doesn't.

Now if you know me (or my husband), you will know that we are pretty tight with our money. But along the way, we have also learned that the least expensive option is not always the most economical. There are certain items that are always worth the extra expense. If you ask my brother, he would tell you to "stay away from the cheapest toilet paper because it never delivers, or ahem, get's the job done right". And I will tell you because we know first-hand ourselves, the same is true for paint! It may not have the lowest sticker price, but the results will speak for themselves; Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is always worth the investment. 

Last, but certainly not the least, a true benefit that comes with using Chalk Paint® is our product support and service. Good luck trying to return a defective item to that street vendor on Canal Street! But purchase a real designer bag and bring it back to the actual store and I'm sure your concern will not fall on deaf ears. The same holds true when dealing with the one and only Chalk Paint®; if you ever have an issue or run into a problem while using Chalk Paint®, we stand behind our product and have a full line of support to help answer even the toughest of questions. And did I mention that Chalk Paint® has been around for 25 years? Proven durability and longevity...what more could you ask for?!

Want to know more about Chalk Paint®, Canal Street or some of the best places to go while in New York? Drop us a line or send us an email - we would love to share :) Or share your thoughts with us. We look forward to hearing from you!







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