12 Days of Christmas - Day 6

DAY 6 - Last Minute Gift Guide

I'm not sure if you realize it, but Christmas is only a week away. Yes. I know. I think everyone may have been blindsided by it this year. Blame it on the extremely warm temperatures last week or the late Thanksgiving, but there is no denying it my friends; Christmas is upon us. 

If you are just having this realization like so many others, we are here for you. And we have put together some of our favorite items for gifts and stocking stuffers to help you start. Find the set that matches the personality of the giftee your are hunting for and you are on your way!

Minnewaska Lakers Fan

Winona Knits & Mitts Mittens - $29, Lakers Necklace - $19, Multi-wear Tube Scarf - $12




Crafty in the Kitchen

Bird Kitchen Timer (available in 4 fun colors!) - $9, Chef'n Magnetic Salt & Pepper Grinders - $15, Nesting Measuring Spoons - $4 each






Outdoor Lover

Metallic Pine Cone - $9, Mini River Stones - $10, Light-up Twig Balls - $14 each



Chalk Paint® Addict

Mini Waxes - $18.50 each, Quart Chalk Paint® - $39.50, Small Annie Sloan Brush - $29.50, Sample Jars Chalk Paint® - $14.50 each




The Trend Setter

Coral Clutch  - $26, Gold Dangle Earrings - $9, Shimmer Scarf - $22

Still can't find what you are looking for? No problem! We have a ton of other options available in the store so stop in and we will help you pick out the perfect gift. (Plus we have gift certificates too!)






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