12 Days of Christmas - Day 5


DAY 5 - Get Inside the Box
Inspired by photo we found in Fresh Style Magazine (see below), we thought, why should the base of your Christmas tree go without attention? 


We love the idea of combining non-traditional elements into a fresh Christmas design. We also couldn't get over the clever use of the crate so we had to recreate it on our own. (Although, I know, not as original.)

But don't be limited by these simple ideas. Think beyond even the use of the crate for the base of the tree. What about an old suitcase? You could even leave the suitcase open, set the tree inside along with Christmas cards at the base as a fun way to display the cards as they come in the mail. Looking for a primitive style? Incorporate an antique bucket or wash bin. Heck, you could even paint a cardboard box (instructions coming soon) for your own unique twist.

And as always, share your ideas with us on facebook or instagram.






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