12 Days of Christmas - Day 11

DAY 11 - Easy Gift Wrapping

So I know what you are thinking: Christmas is almost here and I still need that last gift, and don't even mention the wrapping! We know exactly where you are and that's why timing couldn't be better for our spectacular (and super easy) gift wrapping!

Here is what you will need:
- New Hand Towel or Fabric Napkin (depending on size)
- Item for Gifting (Bottle of wine, coffee mug, jar of pickled something...you name it)
- Decorative Ribbon or String





STEP 1: Start by placing you item to wrap in the middle of your towel, design (or front) side of the towel facing down.







STEP 2: Pull up opposite corners and hold with one hand.






STEP 3: While still holding the corners with one hand, use the other hand to fold or roll the edge of one of the remaining side corners and lift up to top and hold with the initial holding hand. (This will give you a cleaner look and prevent the shorter sides from falling down.) Repeat with remaining corner.





STEP 4: Tie with ribbon or string.




Add if a gift tag (if necessary) and you are done! Now get out there and enjoy some Christmas fun!









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