12 Days of Christmas - Day 7

DAY 7 - Stenciled Sign
We have a theory here at MECO7, "When in doubt, stencil it out." And it's true. When that piece just needs a little something more to be complete, the right stencil always does the trick. So of course you know we had to through in at least one holiday project to capitalize on our love for Royal Design Stencils. Even if you have never used a stencil before or if you have in the past but have sworn them off, we promise, you can do this and you will love your finished product!


Here is a list of items that we used:
- Stencils (One style for background, 2nd style for top)
- Chalk Paint® by Annie
- Brushes (you want bristles with a little body and a blunt end)
- Board, Paper Towel, etc for Dabbing Paint
- Mat Board or Poster Board
- Picture Frame 
- Optional: Royal Stencil Creme






STEP 1: Start with the stencil that you will be using for the background. It is best to choose a color that isn't going to compete too much with your main color. We wanted a subtle look with a hint of shimmer so we opted Pearl Oyster Royal Stencil Creme by Royal Design Studios for our snowflake designs. Since this stencil has smaller cutouts, we used a small artist brush to apply the paint.

The biggest thing to remember when stenciling is you want to use almost a dry brush to apply the paint, don't try to rush the process and remember stenciling is not about perfection. 

To stencil, start by applying a small amount of paint to the tip of your brush. Dab the brush onto your dabbing surface until the paint no longer seems wet, but not to the point where it is no longer transferring color. (The reason a stencil will bleed around the edges is because there is too much paint on the brush...and that's why we dab first.)

With brush, dab the paint onto the area you want to stencil, reloading your brush as needed. Continue stenciling until satisfied with the background design. Allow paint to fully dry which should only take about 10 minutes or so.






STEP 2: Align your second (top) stencil out where you want it. (We recommend using painters tape to help hold it in place if necessary.) For this piece, we chose to use Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in Emperor's Silk. Repeat the basic steps for stenciling: load brush with paint, dab off excess, dab onto stenciled area. Let set until fully dry.






STEP 3: Allow you stenciled sign to full dry.




STEP 4: Insert your stenciled board into your frame.For this project, we found an old gold frame in our basement, dusted it off and did a Chalk Paint® wash in Florence over the top for a little more of a festive feel. In a pinch you can do just insert your board into any old frame, but over time your board will warp due to temperature change and humidity. We recommend using in your frame, help to prevent this and to extend the life of your sign. Once you have it together, hang and enjoy! (And send us pictures of what you put together!)





Want more inspiration? Here's a few more of our stenciled signs:





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