Kids Crafting: Painted Fish Project

Looking for a fun craft project to do with the kids on an afternoon or for a party? We’ve got the project for you – Painted Plate Fish.

This is a great project for a variety of ages, plus, you probably have all of the items you need already at home! Here’s what you will need:

- Paper Plates (white ones with ridged edges work best, but you can really make any style work)
- Scissors
- Glue or Glue Sticks
- Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan 
- Artist Brushes
- Googly Eyes (optional)

To start your project, take 2 to 3 paper plates. The first plate will be used as your fish’s body, so set that one aside.

With your remaining plates, cut out the tail and fins. Make sure to cut deep enough into the plate that your pieces will be long enough to glue on. Once your pieces are cut out, glue them onto the first plate which was set aside.

Depending on the style of mouth you’d like for you fish, either glue on a small piece to create a “snout” or cut into your first plate to create an opening.

Now you’re ready to paint! Get creative with your styles and patterns and don’t forget to give your fish an eye.

Viola! You’ve got a fish! But there’s no need to stop at one; repeat the steps by cutting out different shapes and painting different colors and patterns to create a whole school of unique fish.


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